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Rene Cardona Painting Exhibit: “Through the Years” 10.7.11

Rene’s images suggest a narrative in such a dysfunctional way that one demands to invent their own narrative. I believe this is the point.

Undulating lines and thick musculations bring to mind an infusion of Van Gogh post-Impressionist Michelangelo mannerisms on waterbed copulations. Limbs are disjointed into impossible religions.

Among the offerings, a guitar player has one hundred fingers scrawling upon the page of sound. From an ear emerges a squid prostitute. The sky, the garment, the wings and the sea are all of the same blues.

There is a spatial dynamic that at first is confrontational. One might ask, “Oh where, oh where is the Academy?”

Then the lines, the bold and drastic, announce themselves in chorus, “We are the bold and drastic lines of Rene painter!”

There is an indifference to the viewer, but also an invitation.

Through the Years” is a solo exhibition of paintings by Rene Cardona. The opening reception takes place on Friday, October 7, 2011 from 6-10pm at the Violethour Studio in the Magoski Arts Colony.

Violethour Studio
225 West Santa Fe Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832-1829

With musical guest: Rome Quartet. The show runs from October 7 – October 28, 2011.

View event page on Facebook.

painting: courtesy of jenny and charlie visnic

Rene Cardona Painting Exhibit: “Through the Years” 10.7.11
Ryan Steele | Fullerton Foundry

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