René Cardona

the works of:

Form Drawing Gestures 4.6.12-4.28.12 @ PÄS Gallery

Cupids Arrows: The Ladies of Durban 1.6.12-1.27.12 @NoCo Studio

being captivaited by the recklessness of mans civilaztional constitution of destruction…i listen closely to echoes of screams that cry out for truely deserving justice and are denied…

constantly the creative process occurs; the artistic victory is to be non-objective and without self (ego;false pride) through its (the creative process) completion

sailing upon a whispers dream….she cried unto moonbeams for eternity …. and held only turbulant rifts..
………………justice without sight …. people need justice to be a reality so the humanity of people does not die…

in late November the World Mobilized for the UN Climate Summitt in Durban , South Africa..20,000 demonstrators in 2weeks demanding LIBERATION FOR THE PLANET…for the planet to successfully sustain life the planets temprature can not exceed 2 degrees Celsius…the rate of emissions at present is leading to a rise in temprature to 4 or 5 degrees celcius within the next 5-7years. AND AFRICA IS ALREADY COOKING.